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Traffic management is not just about managing traffic. Managing the traffic is the easy part. The hard part is planning, designing and gaining approval. It’s organising local authority permits and ensuring permits are compliant. It’s setting the budget and staying within budget. It’s getting the road space booked early. It’s involving all the stakeholders. It’s keeping them informed.

The hard part is creating a smooth and professional construction traffic management scheme with
no hidden surprises.


Professional Traffic Management

A good traffic management plan will deal with the hard part.

A great traffic management plan will also deal with the hard part. But, it will also save you time, money or manpower. It will protect your road workers. It will keep road users safe. It will direct pedestrians. It will manage site access and egress. It will eliminate permit fines and non-compliances. It will reduce your carbon footprint.

A great traffic management plan will free up precious time, keep you sane and let you get on with the job of managing your construction project.


Why choose Chevron Traffic Management?

Chevron Traffic Management delivers great traffic management plans. We’ve been doing it for over 30 years. We understand the challenges and pitfalls. We’ve seen them all before and we’ve dealt with them. We’ve also stepped in when traffic management plans have gone wrong.

We’ve gained our experience on the ground, working with the largest construction companies in the UK. We’ve built strong relationships with local authorities across the country. We know how they work.

We have some of the smartest people in traffic management working for us. We sit on committees and advisory boards that set industry standards and produce industry guidance. We have the traffic management experience, expertise and knowledge needed to deliver great traffic management plans.

We recently acquired Shift Traffic Events who have been delivering great construction traffic management in and around London for over eight years. They have worked with some of the largest construction companies to create pit lanes, provide traffic management for crane access, manage access control, deliver pedestrian and vehicle segregation, and ensure that all elements of your traffic management are managed.


Innovative traffic management

Many of the challenges and pitfalls of traffic management can be solved by digital technology which we will bring to you with the support of our digital partner, HRS. Intelliframe® is a simple, digital road sign which will manage the permit challenge for you and can help eliminate the chance of a fine; Intellicam® is a new way of capturing site incursions, customer confrontations or any other activity in and around a work site; while the Customer Communication Terminal allows you to give road users, pedestrians and commercial residents up-to-date real-time information at the push of a button.


How we’ll create a great traffic management plan for your construction project

There are a few things we need to do together to create a great traffic management plan for your works:


Chevron Traffic Management delivers great traffic management plans. If you want a great traffic management plan for your construction project, get in touch.


New temporary site safety barriers

We have recently expanded our service by adding a unique range of innovative temporary safety barriers for the site workers, motorists and pedestrians around construction sites. They are more compliant, reduce build times, support active travel and deliver a better place-making experience for the public.

Find out more about temporary site safety barriers >


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