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The Urban Barrier is a unique interlinking temporary barrier system which is easy to install, has no loose parts and has a small working width, making it ideal for pedestrian delineation around building sites, utilities work or site compounds.

The Urban Barrier system offers a higher level of containment and compliance compared to traditional products and is sturdy enough to withstand strong winds or vandalism, meaning regular checks and reinstatement are not needed.

The innovative design features allow contractors and local authorities to support UK active travel objectives, improve urban place-making and support neurodiversity.

Urban Barrier advantages


The Urban Barrier comes in two sizes with interlocking connections to allow the system to be tailored to any project. It can be linked to the SVEA Barrier to offer more options depending on the location and environment.

Simple to install

Urban Barriers are easy to install with no need for anchoring or bolting. They are simply set into place and linked with our integral coupling locks. The coupling rotates freely around the Urban Barriers’ top tube, allowing them to be positioned at any angle up to 105°.




As a rigid, steel barrier with concrete ballast, the Urban Barrier is built for longevity and to withstand vandalism, heavy winds or other challenges.

Secure containment 

Urban Barrier can be adapted to cater for the needs of the project with our AT-Fence which offers a choice of two different heights of containment; 1.7m or 2.4m.



Active Travel

With a narrow working width, no counterweights and no trip hazards, the Urban Barrier ensures that pedestrians, joggers, cyclists, skateboarders and wheelchair users are safe to move freely around any work site in safety.

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At Chevron, we take care of everything! We offer a full end-to-end service, including design, planning, traffic management expertise and installation.

To find out more about our innovative safety barriers and services, please provide your details, and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

To read more about the challenges and suggested solutions for work zone safety in urban environments, download our London Urban White Paper.

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