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The Intelliframe® from HRS is a new and innovative way of digitally monitoring and managing street works to ensure compliance with relevant legislation, provide real-time updates to road users and allow remote visibility and monitoring of physical diversions.


It is a simple road sign which has been fitted with GPS technology which can be used in a variety of ways depending on customer needs.

Key benefits

The Intelliframe can be used in a variety of ways depending on the needs of the client.

Permit Sign

Using the Intelliframe as a Permit Sign, the Permit Number will be displayed digitally and will update remotely to provide real time information including sign location and permit conditions. The Intelliframe will send alerts and notifications when the permit is due to expire which allows the customer to avoid potential fixed penalty notices and overstay fines.

Street Works Sign

The Intelliframe makes it possible to manage and monitor sites remotely which reduces the need for onsite maintenance. Operatives need to be deployed only when the Intelliframe has raised an alert of issues such as a fall-over. This not only delivers operational efficiencies but ensures that issues are dealt with immediately reducing the risk of non-compliance.

Diversion Route Sign

The Intelliframe Diversion Route Sign provides a digital “twin” of a physical diversion route. The technology on each sign allows remote monitoring and provides real time diversion route analysis, highlighting route clashes and fallen signs. This removes the need for two-hourly route checks, improves journey experience, provides historical data to use in investigation customer complaints and provides alerts of forgotten signs.

Emergency Sign

Simply opening the frame legs will power the Intelliframe to provide a date and time stamp along with GPS location of the frame. This allows customers to check they have complied with requirements to attend site within the parameters set. When the job is confirmed and a permit number is established, the Emergency Board can switch to a digital permit board.

Advance Warning Board

As an Advance Warning Board, the Intelliframe from HRS can digitally show the dates, times and durations of upcoming road closures. Along with the location data and time stamp history, the frame can show compliance with dates applied for within the TTRO. If dates for the road closure change, the dates on the frame can be changed remotely and shown on the digital display.

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