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Available in two sizes, our solar-5 colour mobile variable message signs – also referred to as matrix displays, matrix signs or simply VMS – display text, logos or graphics in red, green, blue, amber and white or a combination of all.


A-size Solar VMS (VMSA)

Our colour A-size Solar VMS (VMSA) is ideal for hire at inner city and urban works. Featuring an electrohydraulic lift for a user-friendly sign-raising mechanism and adjustable support stands for easy placement and a secure footprint, the VMSA is a product small in footprint but packed with features.

The technology in the VMSA includes an autonomous solar charging system and a high-bright, low-power consumption LED display. Programming on all our VMSs is simple and performed via a Windows-based web browser.

The colour mobile VMSA can be used independently as a VMS or in conjunction with the radar to display a message, a message and the motorist’s speed, speed only and/or a ‘too high’ or ‘too fast’ message.

This size of Variable Message Sign is perfect for roadworks information, school zones, road safety campaigns and anywhere that speed enforcement is required. The VMSA is versatile, easy to set up and operate and is reliable under all conditions.

C-size Solar VMS (VMSC)

Our colour C-size Solar VMS (VMSC) matrix sign is designed for high-speed roads, trunk roads, motorways or simply to add emphasis to your messages. It features all of the design and efficiency features of our smaller A-size VMS. Both are solar powered and both will operate in hours of darkness, at all times of the year and in all light conditions.

A single plug-and-play controller houses the sign’s technology, with a range of features and functions not available in any other variable message sign. All LED modules are quickly and easily interchangeable, and programming is easily undertaken via a Windows-based web browser. The C-size Variable Message Sign is available to hire on high-speed roads but can also be used at events and on lower speed roads if big impact messages are required.

All our equipment is put through a rigorous "Ready for Hire" documented testing process before delivery. Chevron Traffic Management is certified to the international Quality Management Systems standard ISO 9001.

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