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Learning from accidents, incidents & near misses at Chevron
Learning from accidents, incidents & near misses at Chevron
Published on 15 Sep 2017

At Chevron Traffic Management our near miss reporting programme is well established within our organisation and has been noted by clients as a bench mark for the sector.

We acknowledge that it has taken a significant culture change within our organisation over time to ensure that all workers continually identify and report the near miss incidents and now we are able to use to implement the improvements that make our sites safer for all.

It has taken several years of focused effort by our senior managers, directors and health and safety team to embed a culture across our workforce to view all near misses as positive events and to enable the organisation to learn and make positive improvements that will directly enhance the safety of their workmates and colleagues.

We operate a comprehensive system of reporting, collating and analysing accident, incident and near misses. On a monthly basis all reports and information are brought together and reviewed to identify trends and areas for concern. We now have a comprehensive database of benchmark information enabling us to the impact of health & safety improvements and trials of innovative equipment and new ways of working.


The robust nature of our safety culture and reporting procedures was most recently demonstrated when we incorporated 70 new workers into our business having acquired a national TM business from Aggregate Industries in March 2014. Within less than 12 weeks we had been able to fully integrate the additional workforce into the organisation and reporting statistics demonstrated their reporting of near misses was on a par with the rest of the business.


To further promote safety across our workforce, we operate a Monthly Safety Award with a £50 prize to recognise the efforts of individual workers that go that extra mile to ensure the safety of those around them.  At the end of the year senior managers collectively review each Monthly Award Winner and choose a winner for the Employee Annual Safety Award, which has a £1,000 prize.


Congratulations to David Rigden and Craig Clarke (Chevron Wales) for receiving the award for November!

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