Chevron has helped parents close a city centre road and reclaim the streets for their children as part of their first Playing Out session. As part of the event, Chevron donated traffic signs ad cones to the organisers, who live in Pulteney Grove, Bath.

Helping kids out to play

The idea is very popular in other cities and gives youngsters the chance to play safely near home in something of a throwback to bygone era. The children were able to enjoy a range of games and activities, including racing their scooters up and down the street, as well as playing hopscotch and jump rope.

“The local council granted us a temporary road closure for a couple of hours per month so that our children can play in the street where we live” Said organiser Clair Titley. “We have been really fortunate to have all the road sign we need donated to us by Chevron and were planning to share these with other streets that might want to start their own Playing Out Sessions.”