Leading the way as successful trials result in all new Chevron TM installation vehicles being fitted with the revolutionary device.

Chevron introduce a new innovative Radar 'Banksman' System

At the cutting edge of vehicle safety, “Banksman” Radar is an intelligent, fully programmable radar based reversing safety system. After successful trials, Chevron Traffic Management plan to have all new TM installation vehicles fitted with the device in addition to the existing CCTV systems.

In certain situations, it is not possible to reverse a vehicle with the assistance of a second person (e.g. the removal of the coning for a 4km lane closure), and when this occurs, an innovative system can be used.

The “Banksman” Radar is mounted to the rear of the vehicle, and its sensors can detect any object or person within 20 metres of the reversing vehicle. This therefore gives the driver sufficient time to take appropriate preventative action, should the system be activated.

Equally important, it also gives an audible warning to operatives working on the bed of the vehicle (as well as others who may be in the vicinity), thereby significantly reducing risk.

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