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First joining Chevron TM in 2011, Aaron Thompson started his career with us as a Traffic Management Operative. He left the company to seek pastures new, but soon returned because, as he puts it, Chevron is “by far the best”.

Aaron Thompson, Framework Manager

Aaron Thompson, Framework Manager

Aaron joined Chevron TM in 2011 as a Traffic Management Operator in our Manchester depot.

From the very beginning, Aaron loved his job and was determined to build a long-term career in traffic management. At Chevron TM he worked his way up to hold a range of roles including Lead TMO, IPV Foreman, Traffic Safety Control Officer and Framework Manager, managing a number of large clients and contracts.

Aaron also built a strong reputation with our supply chain, our customers and our competitors to the point that he was offered a managerial opportunity outside the company. At that time Chevron TM was unable to offer him the same opportunity and while we were gutted to see Aaron go, we took great pride in the role we had played in developing his career to this point. He left us with our good wishes and an assurance from our CEO that our door was always open.

Aaron has gained experience in working in a new environment and has experienced life outside Chevron TM but we are absolutely delighted that he has returned home to his traffic management roots.

We caught up with Aaron to understand why he was coming back and what he has learned.

“I think Chevron TM is unique. The team spirit is second to none. There is no such thing as an individual problem, it is a team problem. Everyone pulls together to work it out and get the job done. There is a real “band of brothers” feel about Chevron TM and I have to say I really missed the camaraderie and the people I had worked with previously. There is no doubt we work hard but we also live by our value of ‘humour gives us the edge’ and we always make time for a brew and a laugh.

“What I have learned is that the age old saying of ‘the grass is not always greener’ is very true. I’ve worked with a lot of companies in the traffic management industry and, for me, Chevron TM is by far the best. I’m glad to be back and doing what I do best with a company which has taught me so much and put so much faith in me. Now to get back to work!”

We are so excited to see Aaron back! Chevron TM’s door is well and truly open. If you want to work with what Aaron regards as “the best traffic management company”, take a look at some of our featured jobs.

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