Training videos, also known as ‘The Project’

The continued successful collaboration between Kier and Chevron has proved itself once again by sponsoring a traffic management (TM) training additional TM training.

Kier and Chevron leading the way

‘The Project’

‘The Project’ has been designed to produce a series of short videos portraying our traffic management activities. The videos will showcase current practice and new techniques and will be supported by a commentary and frequently asked questions to assist those showing the videos. The videos will provide our workforce with the visual training guides that can be used during training, tool box talks and start of shift briefings, providing non-operational colleagues with baseline awareness training.


Filming will commence on Saturday 13 August at Heyford Park Airfield near Bicester. The Area 3 and Area 9 TM teams will be hiring the Airfield for an entire week of filming, utilising a section of airfield which is 1.77km in length — equivalent to a 6-lane motorway. Production company Whitespace, will undertake all filming and narration using our own workforce.


Representatives from the client and specialist industry groups such as the Road Worker Safety Forum and the Highways Term Maintenance Association, will be in attendance during filming of the new training videos to study the Kier and Chevron approach to workforce training. This will enable them to closely observe works that are not usually available for study or observation due to the high level of risk involved when working adjacent to live traffic.


Contact: Chris Davis, Area 3 Traffic Management Operations Manager | Mobile: 07917 171158 | Email: chris.x.davis@kier.co.uk