Sustainability Policy

Chevron Traffic Management Limited (CTM) is involved in the installation of temporary traffic management systems in accordance with the Highway Sector Schemes 12A/B/C/D on UK public highways.
As a Company we provide a safety critical enabling service to the UK construction sector. This entails providing a safe and efficient working environment in which our Clients and Contractors can operate, whilst maintaining safe passage through roadworks with minimal disruption for members of the public. Our mantra is ‘In Safe Hands’ and this brings together our guiding values under ‘The Chevron Way’;
  • Safety is our Business
  • Deliver on our Promises
  • Champion our Customers
  • Lead by Example
  • Keep it Simple
  • Humour Gives us an Edge
The UK construction industry faces a number of challenges today and in the future, and CTM is committed to help play its part in the delivery of a more safer, greener, efficient and collaborative industry.
Creating a sustainable business: We understand the need for a successful business to help manage its risks, such as financial, social and environmental, and this will lead to increased profitability, motivated people and a better community in which we live. We will:
  • Provide a safe and healthy working environment for all our people that prevents injury and ill health in the workplace;
  • Protect and enhance the environment through the prevention of pollution, conserving natural resources through effective waste management and reducing our impact on climate change through the use of fossil fuels;
  • Procure products and services which comply with relevant and current legislation, as well as working with our supply chain to incorporate responsible procurement practices within their supply chain;
  • Develop organisational resilience through effective management of business continuity risks;
  • Deliver an industry leading traffic management service to the satisfaction of our customers;
  • Ensure our workforce, contractors and supply chain are appropriately skilled and competent to carry out their roles, through recruitment, selection and development. We strive for the fair treatment of our employees and everyone in our supply chain.
Creating sustainable communities: We take pride in supporting the communities in which we work, providing employment, economic activity, and building our business on the basis of responsible practice. We will:
  • Support the local communities in which we operate, ensuring we leave a lasting legacy;
  • Deliver our services to the highest standards in quality, environmental management, health and safety, and road traffic safety, that prevent injury to our employees, supply chain, and road users;
  • Identify and consult with local community stakeholders affected by our operations, where applicable.
Creating sustainable relationships: We’re committed to develop relationships that embrace collaborative behaviours, such as mutual trust, respect, fairness and integrity, and that these relationships are long-lasting and mutually beneficial. We will:
  • Champion our Customers by working together and ensuring everyone succeeds;
  • Provide sustainable solutions and the highest standards of service for our customers;
  • Attract, retain and develop the best people for Chevron Traffic Management;
  • Operate a collaborative, responsible supply chain where our partners support us in delivering efficient, innovative and sustainable solutions, as well as promote ethical and cultural diversity and fairness in the workplace, based on a non-discrimination culture.
Creating a sustainable future: The UK Construction Industry is a major contributor to a successful UK economy, and CTM is helping deliver these significant infrastructure projects, the benefits of these will be felt for many years. We will:
  • Be the UK’s top traffic management provider;
  • Invest in innovation to provide sustainable solutions for tomorrow’s challenges;
  • Inspire people to attain skills that will be needed in the future and realise their potential;
  • Contribute to economic growth by supporting and developing our supply chain, including SME’s.
Continual Improvement
We adopt a systematic and integrated approach to all aspects of our business and are committed to compliance with the requirements of ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, BS11000 and Highways Sector Scheme 12, as well as applicable legal, regulatory and other requirements. This ensures that we are fully committed to continually improving performance and to develop our integrated management system processes and activities. We maintain a documented framework for setting, implementing and reviewing objectives to drive forward this improvement.
CTM will regularly review the effectiveness of the policies and procedures on the basis of reports received, measurement of performance indicators, changes of regulation and legislation, changes of working practices and equipment and in any event at intervals not exceeding 12 months. The senior management team of CTM are responsible for the resourcing and implementation of this policy, and co-operation in the effective implementation of the policy is a condition of employment, partnership and supply.
Our Policy is communicated to all employees, and is made available to our supply chain and other interested parties to inform and promote wider adoption of responsible practices.
BSI Accreditation Member of the British Safety Council Member of the Traffic Management Contractors Association The Builder's Profile Chevron holds the RoSPA Gold award for 2017 Achilles Exor British Quality Foundation Member UVDB Registered