Area 9 ASC

Area 9 ASC

Client Information:

Kier Highways
Motorway Maintenace Compound
Easton Lane
SO23 7TY

Project Information:

Administrated from: Stafford
Value: £10,000,000.00 (per year)
Duration: November 2013 to present
Short description: Planning, managing and implementing TM across Highways England's Area 9 to facilitate reactive, cyclic and planned maintenance works

Scope of Works: Establishment of a combined TM Delivery Team made up of Kier, Chevron and Chevron supply chain partners. ‘One Stop’ Network Maintenance Facilitator - The Area 9 TM Team designs, plans, programmes and delivers all the temporary traffic management in Highways England Area 9 with the aim of maximizing productivity, optimising road space utilisation and minimizing disruption. As a result the Team have successfully achieved BS11000 “Collaborative Business Relationships.”

Interface Management:

  • Liaison and coordination with multiple delivery teams, we have co-located staff in Kier offices and depots to create the TM Delivery & Programming team. Chevron Staff manage Kier staff, and vice versa
  • Fully integrated commercial function providing TM prices for all target costs
  • Specialist Value Management and ECI input, involvement in all scheme programming
  • Shared training
  • Multi-tasking of crews e.g. litter picking, barrier re-tensioning, winter maintenance
  • Co-ordination with TM Supply chain such as temporary road marking and Varioguard providers as well as all members of the Kier Highways wider Supply Chain
  • Liaison with RCC, NCC and other bodies such as RoWSaF
  • Chevron provide dedicated TM programmers to manage the whole of the network’s TM requirements, managing possible clashes and maximizing the use of closures
  • Active participation in the ‘Beyond Zero’ and ‘100% safety’ behavioral safety initiatives
  • Daily liaison with the delivery teams to ensure any changes are picked up with quickly and communicated around the wider team


Area 9 ASC Award


Performance Highlights:

  • ASC being delivered with zero carriageway crossings
  • Successful delivery of 2 schemes on Day One provided the springboard for the delivery of an extended programme of works- capital works to the value of £102m delivered in the first nine months
  • Chevron and the Area 9 TM Team were 'Highly Commended' at the 2017 Highways England Supplier Awards for 'Supply Chain Management' (photo above)
  • Collaborative Lean team (Highways England, Kier, Chevron, Aggregate Industries, WJ Roadmarkings, Tripod Crest) challenged the previously accepted norm of laying average 250t surfacing material per crew per shift. The Team analysed, tested, reviewed and developed the process and were able to deliver over 1000t by a single crew in one shift.
  • Chevron went on to achieve BS11000 in our own right making us the only TM Company to do so.
  • TM Steering Group which is a very useful tool where you can exchange information, ideas and discuss openly and resolve any issues across the network
  • End to end welfare provided by the TM crews and supplied for all closures
  • The Area 9 TM Team consulted with the Regional Technology Maintenance Contractor (RTMC), Balfour Beatty, to facilitate an open exchange and provide a platform for a collaborative working arrangement to:

1. Develop a structured work programme managed by the TM Team RTMC Co-Ordinator
2. Provide a dedicated TM resource as part of the Area 9 TM Delivery Team
3. Improve safety – fewer “last minute” jobs
4. Deliver planned works delivered from need with full visibility for the RTMC Team
5. Improve working relationships with other contractors on the Network

The RTMC contract is now programming both reactive and cyclic maintenance as it is working with more accurate information. It is now closer to its ultimate goal of “real-time” fault identification and rectification