Chevron are a national specialist in high speed works, with advanced equipment and depots across England and Wales.

Chevron offer a wide range of high speed traffic management services, including:

  • Narrow lane systems
  • Contraflows
  • Tidal flows
  • Road closures and diversions
  • Static and mobile off-peak lane closures
  • Convoy systems

We can also offer our clients the following associated project management services:

  • Temporary and permanent road markings
  • TSCO - Traffic Safety and Control Officers
  • Temporary CCTV monitoring systems
  • TASCAR - Temporary Automatic Speed Cameras At Roadworks
  • Temporary vehicle restraint systems - e.g. Varioguard
  • Portable Variable Message Signs (VMS)
  • Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS)
  • Smart blind and Rotating Prism Signage
  • Vehicle Recovery
  • Temporary site compounds
  • Permanent sign erection